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About RuffSleepers

Ruff Sleepers is a pet washing service for homeless people, but there’s more to it than simply washing dogs. By helping the homeless look after their dogs, it will go a long way towards fostering and promoting a more understanding and connected society.

Ruff Sleepers – A Dog-umentary

Dr Dalton co-founded Ruff Sleepers with UTS Not-For-Profit Program students Tully Rosen and Linda Castellazzi.

Ruff Sleepers volunteers hold their grooming days for “dogs on the street” on the second Sunday of each month in Woolloomooloo. Ruff Sleepers is now looking for sponsors to help it continue its monthly grooming services and to start an emergency treatment fund for our furry clients. “Homeless people’s pets can get seriously hurt,” Dr Dalton says. “This fund would ensure that, no matter what your situation in life, your best friend can get life-saving treatment if needed.” Ruff Sleepers also advocates for:

  • More housing options for homeless pet owners
  • The establishment of a veterinary hospital to services disadvantaged pet owners
  • Greater awareness of the value of pet ownership for mental and physical health and well-being, particularly among those facing difficult times