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About Us

Ruff Sleepers is a non-profit organisation that takes care of the pets of people that are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We offer a free and mobile pet grooming service, access to flea and worm treatments,food, toys and dog accessories and referrals to free vet clinics. We advocate for the availability of pet friendly crisis accommodation and rental properties in New South Wales to ensure a greater pool of housing for the vulnerable community. 

A world where every person and every pet
are considered equal.


Our Core

Ruff Sleepers provides a safe space, free from harm and discrimination, where people who are homeless, at risk of experiencing homelessness or people who can not access animal service with their own means can come and access services they need. This includes free grooms, flea and worm treatment, pet toys and accessories, pet food, dog training, access and referrals to vet services, access to information regarding rights for people with pets and access to the community. We have a non paternalistic approach and we aim to create a connection with people that are generally socially isolated.


Ruff Sleepers strives to advocate for the rights of homeless people and people at risk of experiencing homelessness with pets and, in particular, for women with kids that escape abusive relationships and do not want to leave their furry family members behind. We want to achieve a community that is inclusive of homeless people and their pets and where homeless people do not have to choose between a safe shelter and their pets. We aim to change the way society views animals to help change policies affecting pets and housing. 

We aim to achieve this through the means of academic research and exploration of the real estate sector and community housing sector and we create content that we share on our social media. We question the law, political decisions, the traditional behaviour of landlords and real estate agents with the aim to understand why there is a stereotype around people with pets, especially vulnerable people with pets and how we can change it. 

We share information to help disadvantaged people become aware of their rights and the help available. We provide the general public with information on the challenges faced by people on the streets and how to help them. We work to create a community inclusive of disadvantaged people. We break barriers between the community and homeless people with pets.