UTS, Sydney [email protected]

Operations Manager

About the role

RuffSleepers is an innovative start-up charity proudly supported by UTS. Our passion is to help homeless people by taking care of their pets. We currently run a couple of events per month, often in collaboration with other organisations (to name a few: Mission Australia, Orange Sky Laundry, council kennels, etc.).

We are currently looking for a creative Operations Manager willing to join our team in a paid, part-time position (up to 20h/week). The ideal person is open-minded, hands-on and ready to explore innovative paths to improve homeless people’s lives by helping their furry family members. A friendly and respectful approach and a good amount of empathy for disadvantaged people are the keys to the role. The main activities go from managing RuffSleepers volunteers and partners to implement the fundraising strategy and organising events while maintaining social media up to date.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Communicating with clients, volunteers, and partner organisations to provide excellent services to homeless people and their dogs in the Greater Sydney area
  • Implementing a new fundraising strategy, acquiring new donors, and managing existing relationships with key donors
  • Keeping all social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, website, etc.) up to date
  • Organising the volunteers to run up to two monthly dog grooming events.
  • Liaising with RUFF Sleepers’ parent organisation UTS to ensure close collaboration on a matter of issues, ranging from managing financial affairs to organising events
  • Acquiring new volunteers and overseeing an existing team of passionate volunteers
  • Managing public relations (e.g., TV appearances, newspaper articles, etc.)
  • Being responsible for a sustainable growth trajectory of Ruff Sleepers

Required Skills & Experiences

  • A strong passion for helping disadvantaged people and animals
  • Experience in managing a community organisation or program
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in fundraising and donor management
  • Excellent communication skills and a high amount of integrity & work ethics
  • Sufficient experience with social media (Facebook & Instagram), and other public relations activities

If this sounds like you, apply by sending your resumé and cover letter to [email protected]